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South China Sea: ‘We will sail WHEREVER we want’ warns US Navy as tensions RISE

THE US Navy sent two guided-missile destroyers close to the location of several territorial conflict zones in the South China Sea on Monday, prompting a brusque US justification for the move. The two guided-missile destroyers sailed near the Chinese manmade islands of Mischief Reef. Tensions in the region have soared recently as the US has […]

US commander pushes for more funding to counter China’s influence in Indo-Pacific

The US Indo-Pacific commander has urged America’s strategic decision-making body to increase financial investment in the region to counter China’s expanding economic and military influence. “Through fear and coercion, Beijing is working to expand its form of ideology in order to bend, break and replace the existing rules-based international order,” Admiral Phil Davidson told a […]

Allies, partners to join future US operations in South China Sea

MANILA, Philippines — As the United States steps up its presence in the disputed South China Sea, the US Indo-Pacific Command confirmed that allies and partners will be included in future operations. Speaking before the US Senate earlier this week, Indo-Pacific Command commander Adm. Philip Davidson noted how other countries have started stepping up its […]

US vows to continue naval operations in WPS

MANILA, Philippines — Following last Monday’s Freedom of Navigation Operations (FONOPS) 12 nautical miles from the now Chinese-occupied man-made island on Panganiban (Mischief) Reef in the West Philippine Sea, the US Navy vowed to continue naval operations to keep the disputed Spratlys open to all ocean-going vessels. US Indo-Pacific Command commander Admiral Phil Davidson told […]

China still harassing Filipino fishermen in Scarborough Shoal – US Navy official

MANILA, Philippines – China continues to intimidate Filipino fishermen in Panatag Shoal (Scarborough Shoal) in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea), a US Navy official said. “Chinese Coast Guard vessels now fall under the command of the Central Military Commission and regularly harass and intimidate fishing vessels from our treaty ally, the Philippines, operating […]

US Military Mulls Base Deployment Near South China Sea – Adm Davidson

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – Chinese “militarization” of the South China Sea has prompted the United States to begin discussing the possibility of relocating US forces and opening bases in the region, US Indo-Pacific Command chief Adm. Philip Davidson said in congressional testimony on Tuesday. “We have to accept the fact that the environment is changing so […]

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Two US destroyers with guided missiles USS Spruance and USS Preble sailed near the South China Sea, CNN reported. Two US warships sailed near the disputed islands in the South China Sea on Monday (Sunday night, ET), an action that will surely provoke Beijing’s wrath, CNN reported. The USS Spruance and USS Preble guided missile […]

China is not being ‘aggressive’ in South China Sea claims; it’s the US that has changed its tune

China is not being aggressive so much as protecting the territory it claimed as far back as 1947, then without objection from the US I refer to “US shift on South China Sea ‘grey zone’ aggression signals stronger response ahead” (February 9), on how the United States is expected to take more pre-emptive measures against […]