Alex Jones to Donald Trump: You Need To Blow The Whistle On Chinese Communist Infiltration Of Silicon Valley, Democratic Party


‘Infowars’ host Alex Jones appealed to President Trump on his Monday broadcast after news broke that the decades-old conspiracy politics talk show had been simultaneously banned from Facebook, Apple TV, YouTube, and Spotify.

Jones said Trump needs to make “censorship” the number one issue for the next election, and that the Communist Chinese infiltration of the American tech industry and Democratic Party is “way worse than the Russians” in 2016. He also referred to the case of a 20-year Sen. Dianne Feinstein staffer just revealed to have been a Chinese spy.

“We know that the People’s Army of China has been caught running Dianne Feinstein’s operation,” Jones said. “We know their penetration is hundreds of times that of the Russians. We know they’re involved in election meddling, and they’re so arrogant they went to Davos a year and a half ago and said they would stop you.”

“David Rockefeller said he was going to move everything to China. They said they were going to do all this. And now you’ve stepped in, the country’s coming back from the dead, they’re desperate to stop it,” Jones appealed to Trump.

“Mr. President, America knows you’re real,” he said. “They know the Democrats are the anti-American globalists allied with the ChiComms, radical Islam, the unelected EU, and others… Mr. President, it’s the truth, and it’s crazy to believe it, it’s crazy to understand it. I know you’ve been told this… They’re already doing it with economic contributions to the Democrats, blocking everybody else’s speech that supports America and making it great again, and your agenda.”

During the 2016 campaign, Trump appeared one time on Infowars, where he told Jones: “Your reputation is amazing. I will not let you down” (the YouTube video of Trump’s interview is now gone, along with decades of other Alex Jones videos).

Alex Jones remains on Twitter and his show is still broadcast via his own website,, and many terrestrial radio and television stations. He was banned from SiriusXM years ago.