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China promises Cambodia $600m aid at PM visit

China has promised four billion yuan ($588 million) in aid to Cambodia, the Southeast Asian country’s Prime Minister Hun Sen said Tuesday on a visit to Beijing. The largest investor in Cambodia, China has pumped billions of yuan into the economy and has written off debt while sweeping aside questions over Phnom Penh’s abysmal rights […]

Philippine Navy to send vessel to China

For the first time, the Philippine Navy will send one of its vessels to the international fleet review hosted by China. Navy chief Vice Admiral Robert Empedrad told on Monday that they are already in the planning stage of sending a ship to China for the event scheduled in April. This would be the […]

Philippines’ legal victory in South China Sea recalled in new book

MANILA — The Philippines’ landmark victory against China in the South China Sea in 2016 is recalled in a new book launched Tuesday. “The South China Sea Arbitration: Understanding the Awards and Debating with China” is written by international relations scholar Dr. Alfredo C. Robles Jr., jointly published by De La Salle University Publishing House […]

Europe should stand up and compete, not blame China

Germany’s weak and disoriented government is doing nothing to lead the EU Commission to even out the playing field in trade relations with China. Italy and France are preoccupied by their growing disputes and their domestic turmoil. They are, therefore, unlikely to make up for German inaction on China trades. Many EU countries are interested […]

Stage set for Cold War 2.0 in Indo-Pacific: Is India ready to tackle massive Chinese naval expansion?

The defining feature of the 21st century has been the remarkable rise of China. In the four decades since Deng Xiao Ping initiated the Four modernisations, its northward trajectory has been so staggering that even though it is now the second largest economy in the world, its growth rate of over 6% is considered slow. […]