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Aggression in South China Sea will see new anti-China coalition – Golez

MANILA, Philippines — A former national security adviser predicted that China’s increasing aggression in the South China Sea will spur the creation of a coalition of countries, including the United States, to thwart the Asian giant’s military dominance in the vital sea lanes. “In view of its aggressive stance, China has triggered (the formation of) […]

The Great Wall of Democracy

Column: China’s drive to the Western Pacific OKINAWA—I’ve had to wait on the tarmac for planes ahead of mine to take off before, but never F-15s. Naha airport here shares a runway with Japan’s Air Self Defense Forces, leading to delays whenever Japanese fighters scramble to counter Chinese incursions into the airspace above the Senkaku […]

As America retreats, China moves to create a new world order

The last time nationalism was on the march, we experienced two world wars that killed tens of millions of people. After the defeat of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, the United States created institutions deliberately intended to establish a multilateral, liberal world order. These included the United Nations, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Marshall Plan […]

In an Era of Divided Government, China Can Unite

Competition with China can bring together Republicans and Democrats—and even inspire them to accomplish great things. The televised bickering between President Trump and top Democratic leaders illustrates that, if political leaders find any consensus in 2019, it won’t be on the border wall. Nor is it likely that Trump, the Democratic House and Republican Senate […]

Prospects for US-China Relations in 2019

China’s leaders will attempt to re-stabilize bilateral ties and ease tensions in its non-US relationships. At the same time, they are likely to use the next year to form a deeper judgment about the future of US politics and foreign policy. NEW YORK – Throughout 2018, much of Asia has been shaken by the new […]

How U.S.-China tensions could get a lot worse

South China Sea is a flashpoint in military buildup as China asserts control. This story is part of an ongoing series on U.S.-China relations, jointly produced by the South China Morning Post and POLITICO, with reporting from Asia and the United States. Rising tensions over Beijing’s accelerating military buildup in the South China Sea are […]

China’s South China Sea Grab

Over the last five years, China has turned its contrived historical claims to the South China Sea into reality and gained strategic depth far from its shores. China’s leaders did not leave that outcome to chance. MANILA – It has been just five years since China initiated its major land reclamation in the South China […]

China should adhere to South China Sea ruling — US defense exec

MANILA, Philippines — China should follow international law and recognize an international court ruling stating that its historic claims in the South China Sea have no legal basis, according to a senior US defense official. Dr. Joseph Felter, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for South and Southeast Asia, told a small group of journalists […]

US won’t back down in South China Sea – official

MANILA, Philippines — Despite close encounters at sea, the United States will not stop confronting China over its massive territorial claims in the South China Sea, as it presses to maintain freedom of navigation under international law. Backing down in the South China Sea is tantamount to rewarding China’s aggressive behavior, said US Deputy Assistant […]

World War 3 THREAT: China to send TWO warships to CONFRONT US Navy in South China Sea

CHINA has threatened to ramp up its aggression towards the US in the South China Sea, after military and government officials discussed the tensions and relations between the world’s two largest economies on Saturday. Chinese media has reported the situation in the contested South China Sea is on the brink of escalation. The claim was […]