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Aggression in South China Sea will see new anti-China coalition – Golez

MANILA, Philippines — A former national security adviser predicted that China’s increasing aggression in the South China Sea will spur the creation of a coalition of countries, including the United States, to thwart the Asian giant’s military dominance in the vital sea lanes. “In view of its aggressive stance, China has triggered (the formation of) […]

Using Game Theory to Explain the U.S.-China Spat

Picking a fight with a trading partner seems like a bad idea, but it’s not necessarily irrational. Probing a partner’s weaknesses can be an effective way to get a better trade deal, according to game theory, the branch of mathematics that deals with strategy. It sometimes makes sense for countries to “test each other’s resolve,” […]


Russia’s economic development minister revealed Tuesday that his government was prepared to side with China in a burgeoning global trade war with the U.S. President Donald Trump’s protectionist trade policies have led China and the European Union to hit back at new U.S. tariffs intended to discourage foreign purchases of steel and aluminum. As a […]

How China is winning the war with the US for scientific hearts and minds

Anson Au says the Trump administration’s anti-Chinese and anti-science biases are producing policies and a working environment that are pushing away talent in research and development, and it is China that will benefit Xenophobia and racial discrimination have taken centre stage in the US amid a whirlwind of political decisions made by the Trump administration. […]

China takes surveillance to new heights with flock of robotic Doves, but do they come in peace?

The idea might seem far fetched, but robotic birds are very much a reality, and China has been using them to surveil people across the country. Sources told the South China Morning Post that more than 30 military and government agencies have deployed the birdlike drones and related devices in at least five provinces in […]

Taiwan hit by jump in cyber attacks from China

Rise in hacking attempts part of Beijing’s hardening approach to Taipei, experts say Taiwan has been hit by a jump in serious cyber attacks from China during the past two years in the latest sign that Beijing is only increasing its pressure as the US reaffirms its support for the self-ruled island. Taiwan’s government departments […]

Chinese encroachment ‘causing hunger’ of fishers’ families

PALAUIG, ZAMBALES — Chinese encroachment at Panatag Shoal (internationally known as Scarborough Shoal) has brought nothing but hunger to fishermen in this province and nearby Pangasinan, a group of subsistence fisher folk said. In a three-page letter to President Duterte, the fishermen asked him to enforce the country’s sovereign rights over traditional Filipino fishing grounds […]

China is slamming the US with $34 billion in tariffs — here are the states that will be hurt the most

Trump’s China crackdown has big support, but it could be a problem for him The collateral damage from President Donald Trump’s trade fight with China could soon have some states feeling the squeeze. China announced tariffs on $50 billion worth of imports from the US in response to Trump’s tariffs on Chinese imports, an escalation […]


The Vietnam People’s Air Force (VPAF) finally retired the last of its half-century-old MiG-21 fighter squadrons in 2015. To replace these, Vietnam has in recent years commissioned four regiments of Sukhoi Su-27 and Su-30 fighters, which have potentially changed the VPAF from an experienced but outdated air force into a modern force to be reckoned […]

China warned Tuesday that the creation of a Space Force would lead to a military competition in outer space.

  “Outer space is an asset shared by all mankind. China always advocates the peaceful use of outer space and opposes the placement of weapons and an arms race in outer space,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said. “In particular, we oppose turning outer space into a battlefield.” Trump said on Monday that he […]