US Praises Narendra Modi’s Call For Freedom Of Navigation For Peace


PM Modi has termed sea lanes passing through South China Sea as “main arteries” of global trade.

SINGAPORE: The US today praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s emphasis on having freedom of navigation and adhering to the international norms for peace and economic growth, amidst China flexing its muscles in the disputed South China Sea.

Speaking at the annual Shangri-La Dialogue here, US Defence Secretary General (Retd) James Mattis also said while competition between the US and China was bound to occur, the conflict between the world’s two largest economies was not “inevitable”.

“Respecting freedom of navigation and adhering to international norms [are] essential for peace and economic growth in the inter-linked geography of the Indo-Pacific,” Mr Mattis said.

PM Modi has termed sea lanes passing through the strategic South China Sea as the “main arteries” of global trade.

He has maintained that India supports freedom of navigation and seeks “utmost respect” for international law, amid China’s muscle flexing in the region.