Monthly Archives: August 2012

US to Asean: Come up with unified position on South China Sea issue

By Jose Katigbak, STAR Washington Bureau (The Philippine Star)  @ WASHINGTON – US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will press the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to come up with a unified position on the South China Sea controversy when she visits Asia again this week, State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said Tuesday. At […]

Bullyism: The new face of imperialism (China’s invocation of its so-called historical right)

I am writing once again to highlight to the international community and to the family of nations China’s aggressive imperialist design, to point out its continuous and hilarious invocation of its so-called historical right over the islands, shoals and islets that it is vigorously claiming ownership, not only in Southeast, but also in South Asia […]

Towards a Strategic Framework for Management of the West Philippine Sea: A White Paper by the WPS Informal Expert Group

Tensions among rival claimant-states to the waters and land features of the South China Sea (SCS) – particularly China, the Phihppines and Vietnam – have escalated significantly in the last several years, bringing the Philippines to center stage as a key participant in the future of security and stability in our part of the world. […]