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Chinese Foot-Dragging

If there is ever going to be an end to tensions over the South China Sea, one of the world’s most strategically important waterways, countries in the region need to find a way to work out their volatile maritime disputes. China, more than any other nation, has fanned those hostilities with sweeping sovereignty claims and […]

China needs to clarify its maritime intentions

Being open about its intentions is the best way for China to ease the minds of those worried about its growing might. A lack of transparency amid a marked naval buildup and greater assertiveness over territorial disputes in the East and South China seas has raised tensions and prompted nationalism and military buying sprees. President […]

South China Sea cooperation benefits all

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi proposed a three-pronged solution to the disputes over the South China Sea while meeting with the chairman of the Asia Peace Reconciliation Council in Bangkok on August 2. The solution, which includes a commitment to exploring ways. Fishing boats set off for fishing from a fishing port in Qionghai City, […]

China’s reservations

China has made three reservations to the compulsory and binding dispute settlement procedure of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. Of these, only two appear to be relevant to the Philippine arbitral submission against China involving the West Philippine Sea. The first, a reservation on maritime delimitation, does not appear to be […]

Chinese navy launches new patrol route in the S. China Sea

After fortifying its naval outposts in the South China Sea, China has established a maritime surveillance patrol route that covers practically all disputed reefs, shoals and islets in the sea, even those within 85 nautical miles of the Philippines’ westernmost island province of Palawan, a classified military report seen Monday by Kyodo News says. The […]

Negotiation—Not War—Can Resolve China’s Conflict With Japan

Sino-Japanese relations do not look promising at the moment. Obviously, the Diaoyu-Senkaku dispute is not the only factor in play, but it does focus nationalist passions on both sides. Yet both countries are capable of wiser conduct if their leaders can manage to rise above the dangerous temptations to beat military drums. As China and […]

Beijing tells Asean to be realistic in hopes for South China Sea code of conduct

All parties with territorial disputes over the South China Sea should have “realistic expectations” and take “a gradual approach” to a proposed code of conduct aimed at defusing maritime tensions in the region, China’s foreign minister said in Hanoi yesterday. Wang Yi , who wraps up a six-day visit to four South East Asian countries […]

Beijing sincere on South China Sea Code of Conduct

Beijing revealed to Southeast Asian countries its attitude toward the proposed Code of Conduct in the South China Sea, as the foreign minister said on Monday that countries should first “eliminate disturbances” before reaching an accord. Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who is visiting Vietnam, said that China and member countries of the Association of Southeast […]

China: Forging of COC on disputed seas can’t be rushed

In this file photo, Warships of Singapore and the United States are seen traveling across South China Sea for joint military exercises. US NAVY PHOTO MANILA, Philippines – Chinese Foreign Minister wang Yi has said that the forging of a Code of Conduct (COC) on the South China Sea should not rushed. “China believes that […]

China says in no hurry to sign South China Sea accord

(Reuters) – China is in no rush to sign a proposed agreement on maritime rules with Southeast Asia governing behavior in the disputed South China Sea, and countries should not have unrealistic expectations, the Chinese foreign minister said on Monday. After years of resisting efforts by the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to […]