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Vietnam’s Communists Urged to Sue China

Dozens of prominent members of Vietnam’s Communist Party (VCP), voicing concerns over China’s actions in the South China Sea, are calling on their leaders to file a legal case against Beijing with the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea. The petition, obtained by VOA’s Vietnamese service, has been sent to the Central Committee, […]

Vietnam buckles under Chinese pressure

Since China’s July 16 withdrawal of its HYSY-981 oil exploration rig from waters claimed by Vietnam, tensions in the South China Sea have momentarily defused. But Beijing’s months-long placement of the rig roughly 130 nautical miles from Vietnam’s coast presented the most divisive threat in years to Hanoi’s Communist Party leadership Hanoi showed itself to […]

Behind the vague cow-tongue line established by China

General Daniel Schaeffer, former French military attaché to China, Thailand and Vietnam said that the new map was an unreal curtain to hide the truth inside. What is that truth? Gen. Daniel Schaeffer said that before 2009, the Chinese government had never officially referred to the cow tongue line as the impregnable boundary of Chinese […]

Strategic seafood supply drives South China Sea push

Explanations for China’s assertiveness in the South China Sea usually focus on the strategic significance of the waterway, through which US$5 trillion (RM25.4 trillion) in ship-borne trade passes each year, or Beijing’s goal to increase its offshore oil and gas output. Rarely mentioned is the importance of seafood to the Chinese diet, several experts said. […]

Strategic withdrawal: China’s naval policy and the HY SY-981 fiasco

The South China Sea dispute is a contentious issue in the Asia-Pacific region characterised by periodic escalations of tensions, sabre rattling, and often armed conflict. The most recent escalation of tensions occurred as a result of the China National Petroleum Company’s (CNPC) unilateral decision to drill two exploratory oil wells in waters contested by Vietnam […]

‘Maritime disputes could lead to war’

MANILA, Philippines—China’s maritime disputes with countries like the Philippines and Vietnam in the South China Sea are increasingly raising anxieties among their neighbors that the row could lead to armed conflict, according to a poll survey released by a US research group two weeks ago. A study conducted in 44 countries by the Pew Research […]

China keeps changing excuses for sea claim

Ancient Malays had crossed the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific millenniums before China started mapping its surrounding waters. With that fact, Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio T. Carpio prefaced a lecture last June at De La Salle University on China’s false historical claims over the South China Sea. “Historical Facts, Lies, and Rights” […]

San Francisco rally – ‘Destroy China military bases,’ ‘UN ruling against China invasion now’

SAN FRANCISCO, California — Shouting “China out now!”, Filipino Americans in the Bay Area on July 24 joined their counterparts in other part of the United States and other capital cities in the world in denouncing what they called the invasion of the Philippines by China. Carrying inverted Philippine flags, the San Francisco contingent marched […]

Bill Clinton Slams Beijing on South China Sea

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton used a trip to China on Friday to criticize Beijing over its territorial disputes with smaller countries in the South China Sea. According to Fortune, Bill Clinton was in Guangzhou in southern China to deliver remarks at a conference hosted by Pacific Construction Group, a Fortune 500 infrastructure company. During […]

US: South China Sea tension ‘a little’ toned down

MANILA, Philippines — The territorial row between China and its neighbors, including the Philippines, over the South China Sea has become less intense in the past weeks, the US Department of State said Friday. Marie Harf, deputy spokesperson, confirmed the observation that rival claimants have “toned down,” not exchanging statements asserting their claims and not […]