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China’s new long-range bomber to debut in Victory-Day parade: Report

BEIJING: China will unveil a refitted model of a long-range strategic bomber next week during the massive military parade here to commemorate the victory against Japan in WWII, the state media reported today. The aircraft, independently developed for long-distance precision strikes, was loosely based on a previous bomber model, but 90 per cent has been […]

“The gift from the sea”: through land reclamation, China keeps growing and growing

China has undergone more than three decades of unprecedented rapid growth. Literally. The country is expanding. Hundreds of square kilometres are added onto China each year, as coastlines are extended farther and farther out to sea. Massive amounts of land are being reclaimed to build new cities, ports, resorts, and industrial zones. Dubbed by the […]

New U.S. Security Strategy Doesn’t Go Far Enough on South China Sea

The Pentagon just released an “Asia-Pacific Maritime Security Strategy.” The document articulates three regional maritime objectives heretofore insufficiently stressed and linked: “to safeguard the freedom of the seas; deter conflict and coercion; and promote adherence to international law and standards.” Long-overdue, the strategy represents a positive contribution, but remains far from sufficient. First, the strengths: […]

Obama Should Confront Xi on the South China Sea

It has long been presumed that economic integration can and will mitigate U.S.-China security competition. But to put it bluntly, this does not seem to be happening. So when President Xi Jinping visits Washington next month, it is essential that the U.S. and China use his visit to confront, not tiptoe around, the underlying reasons […]

Taiwan and the South China Sea: More steps in the right direction

Since then, Taiwan, one of the six claimants in the South China Sea dispute along with China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei, has moved to take additional positive steps, most notably, officially launching a South China Sea Peace Initiative. In a climate where much of the news on the South China Sea has been […]

Pentagon Says China Has Stepped Up Land Reclamation in South China Sea

WASHINGTON—A new Pentagon report says China’s reclamation of landmass among a string of artificial islands in the South China Sea has grown dramatically in recent months, and that Beijing is aggressively patrolling the waters there to assert its territorial claims.   Read more:

Should the Philippines’ South China Sea Case Against China Proceed?

Two and a half years ago, the Philippines took an unprecedented step to shake up the territorial dispute roiling the waters of the South China Sea. For years, six nations – including the Philippines and China –have wrestled over control of a smattering of islands and reefs dotting the oceanic expanse. At times, the dispute […]

China’s land reclamation in West PH Sea grows: Pentagon

WASHINGTON – China has reclaimed more land in the disputed Spratly islands of the South China Sea, including parts of the West Philippine Sea, than previously known, according to a new Pentagon report, which says Beijing is also completing construction of a runway on one of its seven man-made outposts. Once the airstrip on Fiery […]

LCS to Boost U.S. Presence in Disputed South China Sea

The speed, maneuverability and shallow draft of the Navy’sLittoral Combat Ship makes the platform well suited for the South China Sea, Pentagon leaders said while releasing a new Asia-Pacific maritime strategy document. “The LCS is ideally suited for a role in the South China Sea. It is fast, light and flexible and it has a […]

Early Voyaging in the South China Sea: Implications on Territorial Claims

The South China Sea has been a shipping thoroughfare for at least the past two millennia. Apart from piracy and occasional acts of war, ships of all types and origins have been free to sail wherever they wished. Freedom of navigation through the South China Sea could now be at risk. Six countries lay claim […]