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The Next South China Sea Crisis: China vs. Indonesia?

Indonesian president Joko Widodo’s strategy for reinforcing state sovereignty and strengthening maritime integrity is being tested with the latest incursion by Chinese fishing boats into Indonesian waters off the Natuna islands. Indonesian Minister for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs Susi Pudjiastuti’s public criticism of China’s activities is the first step in what’s likely to become a […]

100 China boats seen encroaching in Malaysia

The Luconia Shoals, divided into the North and South Luconia Shoals, and sometimes known as the Luconia Reefs, are one of the largest and least-known reef complexes in the South China Sea. Bing Maps KUALA LUMPUR – About 100 Chinese-registered boats have been detected encroaching in Malaysian waters near the Luconia Shoals in the South […]

RI in weak position in Natuna fishing dispute with China

An expert has argued that Indonesia is in a weak position in regards to its maritime disputes with China following an incident in the Natuna Sea because Indonesian patrol boats are not recognized by the International Maritime Organization. In accordance with a 1982 United Nations convention, the international community only recognizes two types of boats […]

Philippines hails EU Declaration on sea row

The Philippines, through the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), on Monday welcomed the Declaration adopted by the European Union (EU) on recent developments in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea). The Declaration, issued by the union’s High Representative on March 11, highlights the need to ensure “maritime safety, security and cooperation, freedom of navigation […]

The South China Sea’s ‘White-Hull’ Warfare

Coast guard–type forces, commonly called “white hulls,” ought to constitute a stabilizing presence compared to regular navy forces (or “grey hulls”), as sea-power theorist Harold Kearsley wrote in Maritime Power and the Twenty-First Century in 1992. “White hulls” do not convey the same overtly militaristic, war-fighting impression as regular naval forces employed for this purpose. […]

Water Wars: In the South China Sea, Beijing Faces Twin Threats of New U.S. Military Presence and Pushback from an Old Friend

Jakarta found itself in the middle of the South China Sea disputes on Saturday after a patrol boat from the Indonesian Ministry of Fishery and Marine Affairs (KKP), KP Hiu 11, seized a Chinese fishing vessel, Kway Fey 10078, and arrested its eight crewmembers for illegally fishing less than three miles off the coast Natuna […]