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Duterte wrong on China non-invasion – Carpio

President Rodrigo Duterte misstated in Beijing that China never has invaded any part of Philippine territory. This was pointed out last week by Supreme Court Senior Justice Antonio Carpio. For, China did grab Scarborough Shoal in 2012. Expert in international law, Carpio called on the government immediately to correct Duterte’s history lapse, lest it be […]

US on edge over new powder keg in the South China Sea

China and the Philippines could begin exploiting long-untapped energy reserves in the South China Sea, according to reports coming out of this week’s meeting between Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte and high-ranking Chinese officials — including a Thursday sit-down with Chinese President Xi Jinping — in Beijing. How soon that may happen remains unclear, however, as […]

Rodrigo Duterte may hand China the strategic piece it needs to take control of the South China Sea

Next week Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte, who took power in late June, will make his first state visit to China. Of course he’s hoping for a bonanza of loans and trade deals. What he’s not expecting or demanding: the return of Scarborough Shoal, which China seized from the Philippines in 2012, sparking demonstrations by Filipinos […]

Philippine Leader Rodrigo Duterte Rolls Dice With Embrace of China

MANILA—President Rodrigo Duterte aims to upend the delicate geopolitics of the South China Sea during a state visit to Beijing this week, gambling that pulling away from the U.S.—the Philippines’ longtime military ally—will reset the strategic calculus in Southeast Asia in his poor country’s favor.

Najib: South China Sea dispute should be resolved through dialogue

The government will not compromise on the sovereignty of the country in light of the ongoing territorial disputes in the South China Sea, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak today. He also said Malaysia’s stand on the disputes is that problems, differences and rows should be handled and resolved through dialogue and peaceful negotiations. […]

China’s tripod art of war

VietNamNet Bridge – Two months before the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) made its statement on the case between the Philippines and China, China launched a global media campaign. The illegal deployment of HD-981 oil rig deep in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) and continental shelf of Vietnam in 2014 is a “daring test” of […]

Beijing ‘aid’ always has strings attached

Admitting to be a tyro in diplomacy, President Rodrigo Duterte is to square off with a 4,000-year master of the craft: China. His visit to the giant neighbor this week aims for some economic favors. Bulging in his coat pocket would be an international court ruling favoring Manila against Beijing’s spurious ownership claim over the […]

Duterte to raise South China Sea ruling with Beijing, says won’t ‘barter away’ territory

MANILA, Phililppines – (UPDATE, 8:04 P.M) President Rodrigo Duterte said on Sunday he would raise a controversial arbitral ruling on the South China Sea with China’s leaders, and vowed not to surrender any sovereignty or deviate from the July award by the tribunal in The Hague. Duterte said his trip to China this week represented […]