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China Again Argues That Paving Over South China Sea With Runways Is A Good Idea

China defended its massive military construction and development projects in the disputed South China Sea Wednesday. “China’s construction in the South China Sea has turned its islands into the best-equipped, most advanced bases in the region with airports, hospitals, agriculture and 4G mobile signal,” the Global Times argued, citing a Chinese military publication. The South […]

Is the United States Really a Pacific Power?

Washington has failed to demonstrate that it has the stomach to remain a resident power in Asia. Recognizing the geostrategic significance of Asia for the twenty-first century, President Obama told an Australian Parliament in 2011, “The United States is a Pacific power and we are here to stay.” But with U.S. membership in the Trans-Pacific […]

Geneva workshop statement welcomes tribunal’s East Sea ruling

A workshop on the East Sea issue held in Geneva, Switzerland on December 6 issued a statement welcoming the ruling of the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) in the Hague on the Philippines’s lawsuit against China’s claims in the waters. Geneva workshop statement welcomes tribunal’s East Sea ruling, Government news, Vietnam breaking news, politic news, […]

The Danger of the Gray Zone: Flawed Responses to Emerging Unconventional Threats

In the South China Sea, islands able to sustain PLA military operations have been constructed from what previously had been strips of sand or small atolls while Chinese naval militias harass commercial fishing fleets. In Crimea and eastern Ukraine, soldiers lacking national attribution have assisted local forces demanding changes in political boundaries. Russian and Chinese […]

Philippine Marine Sanctuary in Disputed Sea Risks Upsetting China

TAIPEI — A marine sanctuary proposed by the Philippine president inside a contested South China Sea shoal risks upsetting rival claimant China despite an ecological mission and a recent thaw in relations with the Asian superpower. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte told local media in late November he planned to issue an executive order declaring the […]

America And China’s Military Beef Over The South China Sea, Explained

President-elect Donald Trump’s unprecedented phone call with Taiwan’s newly-elected president Tsai Ing-wen has a lot to do with Washington’s often complicated military tensions with Beijing. Why? The South China Sea, a disputed swath of ocean of which China claims a majority of territory. It is true, as Trump mentioned in his tweet, that America sells […]

South China Sea maritime diplomacy hurts Filipino fishermen

The Scarborough Shoal has been declared a marine sanctuary by Philippine President Duterte. Touted as a solution for territorial tensions, does the move play into Chinese interests? Ana P. Santos reports from Manila. Konflikt China Philippinen – Fischerboote nördlich von Manila (Ted Aljibe/AFP/GettyImages) At the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation(APEC) summit in Peru last month, Philippine […]