Monthly Archives: May 2017

ASEAN Summit’s China Tilt Portends a New World Order

MIAMI: The Association of Southeast Asian Nations marked the 50th anniversary of its foundation in April with fanfare – celebrating its mission of “one vision, one identity, one community” in Manila with the habitual group photo of members crossing their arms across their chests to link hands with the representatives next to them, mimicking their […]

China plays the North Korea nuclear card

Beijing trades promises to help for U.S. acceptance of its Western Pacific hegemony The provocative actions by North Korea over the past three months since President Trump took office should not come as a surprise. In his campaign for the presidency, candidate Donald Trump repeatedly criticized the Obama administration for failing to take stronger action […]

Duterte follows Xi’s lead with military build-up in South China Sea

Hong Kong (CNN)The Philippines has begun sending troops and supplies to an island it controls in the disputed South China Sea, setting the stage for a potential dispute with Beijing. Plans are underway to reinforce and upgrade facilities on Pagasa Island, in the Spratly Islands chain, senior Philippine military officials told the official Philippine News […]

The Real Reason Trump Shouldn’t Meet With Duterte

President Donald Trump has no business inviting Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to the White House, but not necessarily because Duterte has been running a counternarcotics operation that has resulted in thousands of vigilante deaths, or because he himself has boasted about killing purported drug dealers in cold blood. As a leader, Duterte is apparently criminal, […]

U.S. to Test Beijing’s South China Sea Claims, Navy Says

The U.S. Navy will still challenge claims by nations like China to exclusive access in the South China Sea, Pacific Fleet Commander Scott Swift said, insisting a hiatus in “freedom of navigation” patrols doesn’t mean the disputed waterway is a lower priority for the Trump presidency. “We just went through a change in administration,” Admiral […]

China Coast Guard’s New ‘Monster’ Ship Completes Maiden Patrol in South China Sea

The world’s largest coast guard vessel, the 12,000-ton China Coast Guard (CCG) cutter 3901, has successfully completed its first patrol in the South China Sea this month, according to Chinese government reports. The South China Sea division of China’s State Oceanic Administration (SOA) reports that the ship, with a crew of 17 law enforcement personnel […]