Monthly Archives: August 2017

China exploits the Philippines’ soft-pedalling in South China Sea

  Duterte’s conciliatory stance on Beijing’s territorial claims is backfiring   But Beijing’s blatant display of force risks undermining its newfound rapprochement with the Philippines, where the defense establishment and public are already highly critical of China.   Suspicious movements   Intelligence reports on suspicious movements of Chinese vessels near Thitu Island were leaked by […]


  Two nuclear-armed powers have stepped back from the brink — for now. Yesterday India and China announced they had agreed to end a two-month border confrontation, in which a few hundred troops had faced off in the Doklam area claimed by both China and Bhutan, and many thousands more had been placed on heightened […]

Chinese boats stir Philippine anxieties

While Filipino leader Rodrigo Duterte plays down reports that China has occupied another contested land feature in the South China Sea, his defense establishment is calling for a tougher stance   “Why should I defend a sandbar and kill Filipinos because of a sandbar?” declared Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte when asked about reports suggesting China […]

Sharing resources could calm seas for China and Philippines

Richard Heydarian says China’s and the Philippines’ weighing of resource sharing marks an upward turn for two nations once awash in acrimony For the Filipino president, who is intent on improving strategic relations with Beijing, this is the best available modus vivendi to manage and eventually resolve territorial disputes among claimant states. While in theory […]

Use it or lose it: Why Canada’s navy needs to be in the South China Sea

Canada’s diplomatic and strategic engagement in East Asia has been erratic over the past two decades. Successive governments have been incapable or unwilling to clearly articulate a regional strategy, remaining virtually silent on major geopolitical tensions.   Some observers have advocated regular deployments of the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) to create a visible, routine presence […]

Beijing runs circles around our Digong!

  MANY concerned Filipinos are horrified seeing China’s leaders and diplomats running circles around our one-year-old President and his three-month-old sidekick of a Foreign Secretary.   The diplomatic duo looks on helplessly as some of our outlying islets are being occupied, enlarged and armed with weapons disguised as navigational aids – with the artificial islands […]