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China’s Worst Nightmare: RIMPAC 2020 in the South China Sea?

Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) 2018, the world’s largest international maritime exercise concluded on 2 August, following over a month of rigorous training events conducted off Hawaii and California. This year’s RIMPAC marked the 26th in the series that began in 1971. Twenty-five nations, forty-six surface ships, five submarines, and more than two hundred aircraft […]

Chinese warplanes hold live-fire drills in South China Sea days after U.S. bomber flights

The Chinese military has sent fighter planes and bombers to conduct live-fire exercises at a range in the disputed South China Sea, state broadcaster CCTV reported Saturday, just days after the U.S. sent heavy bombers through the strategic waterway twice during the past week. The short report said that dozens of fighters and bombers from […]

Days after multiple US bomber flights, Chinese warplanes did ‘live fire shooting drills’ in the South China Sea as tensions in the region boil

Chinese fighter and bomber aircraft carried out live-fire drills in the South China Sea this weekend, state media said. The exercises come days after US bombers flew through the area with Japanese fighter jets — one of several recent overflights by US planes. Activity over the South China Sea has increased amid heightened tension between […]

China Slams US B-52s Fly Over South China Sea As “Provocative”

The United States rejects China’s territorial claims and says the military will “continue to fly”. BEIJING, CHINA: The Chinese defence ministry on Thursday denounced flyovers by US B-52 bombers over the South China Sea and East China Sea as “provocative” actions amid soaring tensions between the two global powers. The Pentagon said on Wednesday the […]

South Korean warship runs afoul of China in the South China Sea as the US and its allies up the pressure on Beijing

The South Korean destroyer Munmu the Great recently sailed close to Chinese-occupied territories in the South China Sea to steer clear of a typhoon. Beijing lodged complaints with Seoul over the incident, accusing South Korea of violating Chinese law, which requires ships to request permission when entering China’s “territorial seas.” This practice is inconsistent with […]

US: ASEAN committed to counter ‘unilateral’ actions in South China Sea

MANILA, Philippines — Member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations have committed to uphold the rule of law in resolving the South China Sea dispute, a US Department of State official said. Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan said all ASEAN countries acknowledge that there are disputed claims in the South China Sea. […]

Beijing calls US B-52 flights a provocation as military tensions heat up in the South China Sea

China denounced the US’s routine flight of B-52 nuclear capable bombers across the Pacific on Thursday, calling it a “provocative” step that it would take measures against. China warned its countermeasures could include further militarization of the South China Sea, at a time when US and Chinese military relations are deteriorating. The US and China […]

The US is walking all over Beijing with regular B-52 bomber flights in the South China Sea

China strongly protests any US military presence in the South China Sea, but lately the US isn’t paying any attention to them. The US has picked up sailing and flying through the region at such a high frequency that it’s not even unusual anymore, meaning they’ve won a battle over the South China Sea’s narrative […]