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Yearender: China, ASEAN usher in new era for deeper strategic partnership, wider pragmatic cooperation

HONG KONG, Dec. 26 (Xinhua) — The year 2018 marks the 15th anniversary of the establishment of strategic partnership between China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) featured with political trust, mutual respect and win-win cooperation. The two sides have pledged to further develop their relations to a new high by adopting the […]

Business booming in South China Sea

Marine economy sees 7.2% annual growth since 2012: report China’s southern marine economic zone including the South China Sea has outgrown the north and east marine economic zones in gross ocean product, reaching 3 trillion yuan ($440 billion ) in 2017, an increase of more than 80 percent since 2012, a report said. Analysts praised […]

Duterte Opens Up The Philippines To Chinese Workers, As Filipinos Seek Jobs Overseas

Chinese workers are “flooding” the Philippines. That’s according to a story published recently in South China Morning Post. Worse, Duterte’s administration is losing count of how many Chinese workers are in the country legally or illegally, according to the same source. The flood of Chinese workers follows Duterte’s abandoning the Philippines close ties with the […]

Risk of US-China clash in South China Sea worries Philippine firms more than trade war

It’s an uneasy time for Asian nations as the rivalry between China and the United States intensifies and uncertainty hangs on whether they can resolve their trade war beyond the 90-day truce. In this special series the South China Morning Post explores how the China-US rivalry is affecting four countries in Asia. In the final […]

China and the critical corridor

China has astounded the world with the speed and scale of its creation of artificial islands and military infrastructure in the South China Sea. The first Chinese dredger initiated land reclamation in December 2013. Five years later, China has completed building its manmade islands and is now steadily ramping up its military assets in the […]

Shinzo Abe Strikes Back

Japan’s prime minister has paved a policy path that challenges China’s grab for power in the Indo-Pacific region. What happens next? If there is a single figure, who has played the greatest role in bringing about the “Indo-Pacific” age, it’s arguably Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe. Since his return to power in 2012, he has, […]

Sino-India: More convergence than divergence

The way ahead is to focus on the political economy of complementaries and synergies between India and China The Modi-Xi informal Wuhan Summit of May 2018 has contributed to Sino-India relations both in discourse and practice. However, given the geo-economic depth in relationship that the people of the two countries are seeking, there’s more to […]

With Mattis Gone, What Ahead for US-China Military Ties in 2019?

US President Donald Trump’s first appointed secretary of defense, James Mattis, has resigned. Despite the president’s claim on Twitter that Mattis was retiring, his resignation letter makes clear that his departure is effectively one borne of long-term ideological disagreements with Trump and his “America first” foreign policy agenda. The proximal cause, while not stated by […]


Beijing has endeavored to obtain new generation weaponry in almost all military areas, investing billions in research and in the production of new models of battleships, missiles, aircraft and submarines. Many of them are arriving for the tests or will even be responsible for next year. Naval power The Army of the People’s Liberation Army […]