Monthly Archives: January 2019

US naval chief: American and Chinese navies in talks to reduce risk of South China Sea miscalculation

Admiral John Richardson said a ‘continuous dialogue’ is aimed at building understanding Admiral John Richardson told an audience at the Washington-based Brookings Institute that the interchanges between the two navies aim to build communication to avoid a potentially disastrous blunder. The discussions are a positive sign that China and the US are moving forward with […]

Who is to be Blame for the Arms Build-Up in Asia-Pacific?

Maritime disputes have appeared as one of the absolute security concern in the Asia-Pacific region. They act as a driving factor for the major power of the region, while formulating their strategic policies towards their neighbors. Over the past several decades the maritime security disputes touched an irrepressible point which cannot be ignored. The regional […]

Warning WeChat could spread Chinese propaganda during federal election

Security experts warn Beijing could spread propaganda in the lead-up to the federal election through popular social messaging service WeChat, which is facing less government scrutiny than US tech giants such as Facebook and Twitter. The International Cyber Policy Institute – part of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute – has warned WeChat’s 1.5 million monthly […]

Guam needs strong military protection

Recently, Sen. Telena Nelson asked, “Is there an option to have no military presence on the island at all?” (Guam Pacific Daily News, Jan. 24, 2019). The answer is no. Much as we would like, Guam (like Belgium) can never be neutral. Geography will not allow it. Its strategic location is too important to too […]

Use it or lose it: Seagoing nations must defend embattled waterways

Great Britain is returning to seaways “east of Suez,” decades after freeing its colonies and withdrawing, more or less, to the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. A warship from Britain’s Royal Navy demonstrated on behalf of nautical freedom in the South China Sea last September, drawing a stern rebuke from China. This month the frigate […]

‘To those that much is given, much is expected’: Pyne asks China to obey rules

Defence Minister Christopher Pyne says China’s militarisation of the South China Sea has increased anxiety and suspicion about the rising power’s intentions in the region. Australia is open to conducting drills with other militaries in the disputed territory to send a message that it is international waters, he will say in a keynote address to […]