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Foreign scholars condemn China’s bullying behaviour in East Sea

  WASHINGTON China is engaged in a long-term and consistent campaign of coercing Southeast Asian countries to abandon their legitimate rights in the East Sea, according to an American scholar. Tension escalated since the Chinese survey ship Haiyang Dizhi 8 and its escort vessels returned to Việt Nam’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) earlier this month. […]

Escalating trade war continues to hit China’s manufacturing, with slump continuing into August

  As the trade war with the United States continues to gather pace, manufacturers in China remain gloomy about their prospects, with the sector activity contracting for the fourth successive month in August. The manufacturing purchasing managers’ index (PMI), released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on Saturday, stood at 49.5 in August, down […]

Trump Has China Policy About Right

Time to draw a line in the sand against Xi Jinping’s overreach. For President Xi Jinping of China, Deng Xiaoping’s advice on how China should rise — “keeping a low profile” — was yesterday’s story. Discretion is not his thing. Since Xi became president in 2013, he has made China’s ambitions abundantly clear, upping the […]

Xi tells Duterte he won’t budge on South China Sea

  Beijing told visiting Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte that its position on the South China Sea was not up for negotiation, a spokesman for the leader said Friday. China claims most of the contested sea, including waters close to Philippine shores, and has rejected a United Nations (UN)-backed international tribunal ruling that said its assertion […]

Duterte tells China’s Li: South China Sea code is ‘least concern of America’

  BEIJING–Member-states of the Association of Southeast Nations (Asean) and western countries have been nagging the Philippines to come up with the Code of Conduct in the South China Sea to ease tensions in the disputed sea region, President Duterte disclosed on Friday night. “I have been the recipient of so many requests regarding the […]

Chinese fishers’ group incorrectly claims Recto Bank is part of Spratly Islands

  MANILA, Philippines — A Chinese fisheries association had apologized for the allision between a Chinese vessel and a Philippine fishing boat near Recto or Reed Bank in the West Philippine Sea in June. Chen Shiqin, president of the Guangdong Fishery Mutual Insurance Association, sent the apology letter to the Philippine Embassy in Beijing. The […]

Pentagon: China’s ‘bullying tactics’ won’t win trust, respect of international community

  MANILA, Philippines — The United States Department of Defense or the Pentagon slammed China’s “bullying tactics” in the South China Sea. The Pentagon called out Beijing following its “coercive interference” in the oil and gas activities of Vietnam in the disputed South China Sea. “China will not win the trust of its neighbors nor […]

Written by Selwyn DukeCountering China: U.S. Warplanes May Be Flown Off Japanese Warships

  In a move that could make Admiral Tojo spin in his grave, the United States military is now considering flying aircraft — its F-35B fighters (shown) — off Japan’s largest warships, as per a request by officials in Tokyo. As a result, the “service is now studying the feasibility of deploying short take-off vertical […]

Economic dependence

  The foreigners are engaging in kidnapping and money laundering. Communities are complaining that the foreigners are engaging even in low-skilled work, taking jobs away from locals. Often rowdy, the foreigners are currently creating an economic boom in the host city. But locals warn that if current trends continue, the foreigners will soon patronize their […]