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South China Sea live-fire drill for PLA’s Hong Kong garrison

  China’s state broadcaster released a video on Christmas Eve of Hong Kong’s PLA garrison conducting live-fire sea drills in the South China Sea. While key details of the events were not included, the video released on the social media account of China’s Central Television military channel, said the drills were conducted “in recent days” […]

Trump can discipline China’s ‘bad actors’ by using Reagan’s Soviet solution

  As the baseless impeachment proceedings grind on, the president is demonstrating his leadership and negotiating skills with the first steps of a trade deal with China. That has forced House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to — finally — agree to approve the Canada-Mexico-U.S. trade agreement (USMCA) she has sat on for a year to America’s […]

Duterte’s Coast Guard Diplomacy

  Under Duterte, the Philippine Coast Guard has taken on a new prominence. But don’t assume Manila is resorting to gray zone tactics. Recently, the Philippine budget secretary approved an increase of Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) personnel to 4,000 for this year. This increase is only intended for 2019, while the funds for an additional […]

On first Manila Christmas, new Chinese envoy cites ‘golden age’ of PH-China ties

  MANILA – China’s new envoy to the Philippines on Tuesday sent his holiday greetings to Filipinos as he looked forward to his first Christmas here, saying ties between Beijing and Manila were becoming ‘increasingly close.” In a message released Monday night, Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Huang Xilian noted warming ties between China and […]

2020: Likely no let-up in turbulence and manoeuvres in South China Sea

  BEIJING’S decision to deploy its new aircraft carrier, the Shandong, in South-east Asian waters is an unmistakable push against US naval presence in the region. China’s first aircraft carrier built entirely in the country, the Shandong is the largest warship in its arsenal. The new vessel…

Why Old Friends China, Malaysia Suddenly

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – China and Malaysia, old friends with a complex trade and investment relationship, are disagreeing over Malaysia’s rights to extend sovereignty into part of a disputed sea that’s rich in fossil fuel reserves. On Dec. 12, the Southeast Asian nation submitted documentation to the U.N. Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf […]

Express. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express.

  SOUTH CHINA SEA disputes have created a political and even military standoff between the US and China as both look to assert control over contested waters. However, with Russia quietly wading into the contest, the risk of clashes between superpower nations only increases. China has clashed on multiple occasions with smaller nations in the […]

Can China learn from Jewish history?

  David Goldman (“Spengler”) replies to comments by Fudan University Professor Wen Yang on ‘You can never be China’s friend’: Spengler, an interview the columnist gave to a Swiss publication. Wen Yang’s comments were serialized by Asia Times in three parts. Read part 1 here, part 2 here. Goldman’s remarks below make particular reference to […]