Monthly Archives: January 2020

How Indonesia stared down China in South China Sea

  Although known to be fiercely nationalistic, Indonesia’s diminutive Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi hardly looks the part of a “bad cop.” But that was the role she was apparently called on to play in Indonesia’s recent stand-off with China in sovereign waters north of the Natuna Islands. The hard line taken by Marsudi, chief political […]

Beijing and Manila need more than coastguard diplomacy to fix South China Sea problems

  This week’s first-ever visit by a Chinese coastguard ship to Manila can be seen as a milestone in confidence building between two key claimants in theSouth China Sea came to power, the Philippines and China have done much work on their coastguard diplomacy, establishing a two-way consultation mechanism that has convened five times in […]

Chinese delegates cut South China Sea references from resolution

  Chinese delegates at an international summit in Canberra have successfully removed references to the disputed South China Sea in a resolution promoting freedom of navigation in the region. The wording was this week watered down in negotiations at Parliament House, where more than 300 representatives from about 30 countries gathered for the 28th Asia-Pacific […]

Militia fishing ships ‘not on agenda’ as Chinese coastguard visits Philippines

  The first Chinese coastguard ship ever to visit the Philippines was officially welcomed on Tuesday, as Manila called on Beijing to discuss ways of ensuring the safety of both countries’ fishermen at sea. The controversial visit, which is being led by Commandant General Wang Zhongca and lasts until Friday, comes amid growing anger in […]

OPINION: In the South China Sea, ASEAN needs to stand united

  Donald Trump and Xi Jinping are the 2 biggest threats to global peace today. They’re both bullies—terrorizing their respective “schoolyards”—Latin America as well as the Middle East for Trump and Southeast Asia for Xi Jinping. Trump’s ignorance, malevolence and bigotry has always been there to see. It’s easy to dismiss his adventurism and bravado […]

Territorial tussle over South China Sea

  Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelagic nation. Encompassing much of the Malay archipelago, Indonesia has its share of maritime claims on the South China Sea within the area of the Natuna Islands. Indonesia has yet to resolve issues involving maritime boundary disputes with some of its neighbors, including Vietnam, Malaysia and China. In April […]

China’s South China Sea expansion plans hit a wall in Indonesia (video)

China’s seemingly unstoppable expansion through the South China Sea finally hit a wall last week, an unyielding, uncompromising wall named Indonesia. Unlike in the Philippines where Chinese fishing and coast guard vessels seemingly have almost free reign to plunder as much Philippines sea produce as they can harvest, Beijing’s attempt to steal fish from Indonesian […]

Beijing must not be allowed to bully Southeast Asian nations in the South China Sea

  Donald Trump and Xi Jinping are the two biggest threats to global peace today. They’re both bullies, terrorising their respective “schoolyards”: Latin America as well as the Middle East in Trump’s case and Southeast Asia in Xi’s. Trump’s ignorance, malevolence and bigotry have always been there to see. It’s easy to dismiss his adventurism […]