Monthly Archives: June 2020

A new threat to global trade: Exhausted crews want off cargo ships now

London (CNN Business)Global trade is facing another coronavirus crisis just as economies begin to reopen: 200,000 seafarers stranded for months by port closures and the collapse in long-haul aviation could refuse to keep working. Many seafarers extended their contracts by several months to keep supplies of food, fuel and medicine flowing around the world during […]

Duterte halted VFA termination due to South China Sea tensions

MANILA, Philippines – Despite earlier asserting he wanted the military deal scrapped, President Rodrigo Duterte decided to suspend his earlier decision to terminate the Philippines’ Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) with the United States due to rising tensions in the South China Sea during the pandemic. According to Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr, who along with […]

South China Sea crisis: Beijing warns US military presence increases risk of war

According to the state-owned Global Times, the report by China’s National Institute for South China Sea Studies details US security policy, military presence and deployment. It warns of a pending Cold War-esque conflict between China and the US. The Global Times report US warships have repeatedly trespassed into Chinese territorial waters around the Xisha and […]

China Sends Ship as Warning to Vietnam: No Court Case, No Oil Drilling

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — China sent a survey vessel through waters claimed by its maritime sovereignty rival Vietnam this month to warn Hanoi against starting new energy exploration projects and filing any motions in an international court, observers say. Tracking tools showed China’s 105-meter-long, 58-person survey ship Haiyang Dizhi 4 moving toward Vietnamese waters on June […]

Japan-China relations: Xi said, Xi said

“She said, ‘You don’t understand what I said.’ I said, ‘No, no, no, you’re wrong. When I was a boy, everything was right.’ … And she’s making me feel like I’ve never been born.” This is a famous hook line in a song from The Beatles album “Revolver,” released in 1966. I was 13 years […]

‘Urgent’ China warning claims Australia needs alliance with US

  Australia must urgently strengthen its partnership with the United States, Japan and other regional partners to resist China’s gradual domination in the Indo-Pacific, a leading researcher has warned. The superpower has become increasingly brazen in its assumption of power throughout the region, according to the University of Sydney’s United States Studies Centre. The top […]