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China to seize Philippines if war with US erupts, ex-AFP chief says

China is expected to seize control of some of the Philippines’ waterways if a war emerges between Beijing and Washington, former Philippine Armed Forces chief Emmanuel Bautista said. According to a report on South China Morning Post on Friday, Bautista said the Philippines’ location with routes linking the South China Sea and Pacific Ocean made […]

Pompeo in Vietnam warns Beijing over South China Sea

HANOI — U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is wrapping up a tour of Southeast and South Asia in Vietnam, where he again sought to counter the growing influence of China, only days before President Donald Trump faces challenger and former Vice President Joe Biden in the U.S. presidential election.

China now waging ‘gray zone’ war to enforce claim of South China Sea through PH, says ex-AFP chief

MANILA, Philippines—China is now waging a war in what a former Philippine military chief said was a “gray zone” where the fighting goes on without guns but with information, investments, and other tactics to pursue its strategic objectives in the Philippines. Emmanuel Bautista, Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) chief during the administration of former […]

Philippines, US Agree to Strengthen Mutual Defense Alliance

Senior Filipino and U.S. military officials agreed at an annual meeting Thursday to strengthen a long-standing mutual defense alliance, officials said, months after President Rodrigo Duterte put on hold his threat to end a key bilateral pact amid Chinese militarism in the South China Sea. Both countries sought a “stronger mutual defense alliance,” the Philippine […]

The sea as the focal point

THE Chinese referred to Southeast Asia (SEA) in ancient times as Nanyang, or the “southern seas.” In some ways, this name can be traced to the same logic that gave SEA the name Suvarnadvipa, or “land of gold” for the South Asians: they are rooted in the commercial relations of SEA with both neighboring giants. […]

Philippines taking aim at China’s sea militias

Manila poised to form new paramilitary marine units to counter China’s ‘gray zone’ tactics in South China Sea MANILA – A “gray zone” arms race is emerging in the South China Sea, where China’s rising use of para-military forces to assert its contested claims could soon be met by rival maritime militias from Southeast Asia. […]

South China Sea: Beijing in ‘grey arms race’ as Philippines PUSH BACK in deadly conflict

CHINA is facing a growing pushback from the Philippines in the South China Sea as the two countries assert their claims over a disputed ‘grey zone’ in the waters. The Philippines is building up a greater sea-based military force, known as the Cafgu Active Auxiliary Service, to defend waters it believes are within its control, […]

US wants to cooperate with Indonesia ‘in new ways’ on South China Sea

JAKARTA – US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Thursday (Oct 29) rejected China’s “unlawful claims” in the South China Sea and pledged to cooperate with Indonesia “in new ways” to ensure maritime security in the area. He praised Indonesia’s “decisive action” in safeguarding its maritime sovereignty in the waters surrounding Natuna Islands. “I am […]

Pompeo Hails Indonesia’s ‘decisive Action’ On Maritime Security In South China Sea

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo lauded Indonesia’s “decisive action” to protect its maritime sovereignty around the Natuna Islands in the South China Sea. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo lauded Indonesia’s “decisive action” to protect its maritime sovereignty around the Natuna Islands, which China claims as its territory. The top US diplomat is on […]

South China Sea: Panicked Beijing holds crisis talks with US is bid to prevent conflict

CHINESE military chiefs have held crisis talks with their US counterparts against a backdrop of soaring tensions in the South China Sea after reports the US was planning drone strike in the troubled region. The emergency meeting came as US Defence Secretary Mark Esper and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urged Asian countries to co-operate […]