If the next president withdraws our case against China, call him a TRAITOR


Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio advised the country’s next president to push through with the territorial dispute case before the United Nations-backed Arbitration Tribunal because withdrawing it would be catastrophic and a big blow against our Sovereignty and Constitution. In a open forum on the dispute on the West Philippine Sea Thursday night, Carpio was asked about the willingness of 2016 presidential aspirants Jejomar Binay and Grace Poe to reopen negotiations with China.

Carpio said there is nothing wrong with “amicable settlements” while there is an ongoing case, but to withdraw it would be “catastrophic and extremely unpatriotic”.

“I think the case would be decided before the next president assumes office. In the event it would not be decided, and there’s a new president, the UNCLOS (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea) itself encourages parties to come to an amicable settlement even while the case is going on,” Carpio said in the forum attended by veteran journalists, historians, and seasoned lawyers.

“If a new president comes in and the case is still going on, there is nothing wrong with talking to China. What is wrong is if the case is withdrawn. It should not be withdrawn… If the president will withdraw the case because we’re willing to talk with China, that would be catastrophic,” he added.

Carpio also strongly disagree on a possible settlement to just split the West Philippine Sea into two between the Philippines and China.

He said to do so would be unconstitutional and would result in the president’s impeachment.

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