ASEAN Military Chiefs Endorse Early South China Sea Code


NAYPYITAW — Military chiefs from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN, have renewed their group’s call for an early conclusion to talks over a Code of Conduct in the disputed South China Sea.

After hosting a meeting in Naypyitaw Wednesday, Burmese Army Chief, General Min Aung Hlaing, said a Code of Conduct is critical for the region.

“We reiterate that an early completion of  the Code of Conduct (COC) related to the South China Seas is of the utmost importance for regional stability and security in the seas,” he said.

The group’s statement Wednesday added that ASEAN should help find a solution to the maritime disputes with China.

But General Min Aung Hlaing indicated his own army’s position is more in line with China’s view.


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