Beijing’s agents of disinformation now operating in PH


THIS HAS reference to Salvador France’s letter titled “Indeed, US bases removal in 1992, a magnificent decision” (Opinion, 4/26/16).

I had the privilege of serving in Moscow on the eve of the demise of the Soviet Union. One notable event with this demise was the defection of many KGB agents to Boris Yeltsin. Some of these agents talked openly about their operations abroad. It turned out that one main feature of the communist system was to use agents of disinformation to undermine countries which had been selected as subjects of subversion. This system may now be—to use communist parlance—in “active measures” in the Philippines.

Contrary to the claim of France, the Balikatan exercise does not include a fishing ban; rather, a safety zone is declared in the exercise area for the protection of our fishermen. The ban ends with the conclusion of each exercise. Thus, the ban covers only a limited area and is of limited duration.

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