Carpio calls for South China Sea ‘truth movement’



MANILA, Philippines – As the Chinese government uses propaganda to bolster its claim over the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea), Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio called for a “truth movement” to push back against China.

“We can call this present-day information campaign the South China Sea Truth Movement, a people’s movement using freedom of expression to explain the historical truth about the South China Sea. We can invite the peoples of Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei, countries whose exclusive economic zones are also encroached by China’s 9-dashed line, to join us in this movement,” Carpio said.

The justice made this call on Friday, June 7, in a speech before this year’s graduates of the Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication. He sent Rappler on Saturday, June 8, a copy of this speech.

Carpio said it falls on Filipinos “to educate the Chinese people on the true history of the South China Sea – that as authoritatively ruled by the Hague tribunal there is no historical evidence whatsoever that China owned, possessed, or controlled the South China Sea at any time in China’s history.”