Carpio: Chinese jets, bombers may soon land on Subi Reef near Pag-asa Island


MANILA – Acting Chief Justice Antonio Carpio on Friday warned that Subi Reef (Zamora Reef) in the disputed Spratly Islands could soon see bombers and fighter jets landing on its runway.

The magistrate, a foremost advocate of the Philippines’ claims in the South China Sea, said this in light of a recent report that the island is now home to a small town with “sports grounds, neat roads, and large civic buildings,” and could possibly host China’s first troops in the area.

China air force lands bombers on South China Sea islands
Carpio told reporters that the presence of military-grade runways, hangars, hardened storage for ammunition, and retractable roofs for anti-cruise missiles in Chinese military installations in the South China Sea all point to the presence of fighter jets and bombers in the near future.

Acting CJ Antonio Carpio speaks as guest of honor during the special exhibit of the 1734 Murillo-Velarde map at the Manila Polo Club in Makati City. — Mike Navallo (@mikenavallo) May 25, 2018
“What will they do with close-in weapons if not to protect valuable aircraft? All military analysts agree that China will bring their fighter jets and bombers,” he said on the sidelines of a special exhibit of the Murillo-Velarde 1734 Map at the Manila Polo Club in Makati City.