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Conclusion for “Battle for the Paracels”

Though the on-going feud between China and Vietnam remains the most serious source of conflict in the region, it is not the only dispute that involves the status of the islands of the South China Sea. On 16 June 1976, for example, the PRC issued a stern warning to Manila that Philippines sponsored oil exploration […]

China re-draws map; PH digs in

Amid its continuing territorial dispute with its neighbors in South East Asia, China has updated its old map by including 130 islands and islets in the South China Sea. Sinomaps Press chief editor Xu Gencai told Xinhua News Agency on Saturday that Beijing decided to come with a new official map to inform Chinese nationals […]

China needs to undo its pseudo-history

The Chinese are taught from grade school that the entire South China Sea is theirs. Textbooks carry an “ancient map” with nine dashes in a U-shape denoting the outer limits of the sea, skirting the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, some islands of Indonesia, and Vietnam. Thirteenth-century-old, the Chinese map purportedly proves that “we were there first.” […]

The lake of dangerous disputes

BY MARITES DAÑGUILAN VITUG The good news is: tension between Taipei and Manila is de-escalating. The bad news is: there will be more of these disputes, in different variations and intensities. “This will happen again,” Chito Sto. Romana, a China scholar, warns. “We share maritime space.” Taiwan, while a renegade province, takes the same position […]

EU calls for high seas biodiversity protection treaty

An updated U.N. treaty governing the exploitation of deep-sea bioresources is urgently needed, EU Maritime Affairs Commissioner Maria Damanaki said on April 11 at a U.N.-sponsored conference in Paris, in an attempt to assure a rational and fair harvest of resources from in deep-sea areas. Her call came as private companies and scientific teams are […]

Japan warms to Taiwan, isolates China, in territorial sea dispute

By Ralph Jennings, Christian Science Monitor, 3/22/13 Taiwan says Japan is set to give it fishing rights to waters around a set of disputed islands. That could mean that Japan wants Taiwan on its side in the struggle against China over the disputed ocean. Japan is ready to open a contested tract of the East […]

The enemy within

By Ducky Paredes @ ‘(W)e should at least begin doing something about the fifth column that China employs composed of Filipinos who will reveal themselves as traitors to their own country when China finally makes its move.’ I HONESTLY do not understand how young Filipinos will demonstrate in front of the United States Embassy […]

Chinese cyber military unit targeting the Philippines

FILIPINO WORLDVIEW By Roberto R. Romulo (The Philippine Star) @ “Global dependence on the Internet expands by leaps and bandwidth every day. Nations depend on a cyber infrastructure that enables the operation of financial markets, transportation networks, taxation and energy grids, as well as the public agencies protecting the health and security of their […]

China’s snub: lost opportunity to prove its claim to the West Philippine Sea

By Harry Roque @ Only two hours ago,   the Chinese Foreign Ministry through Ambassador Ma informed Filipino diplomats  that they were rejecting the notice to arbitrate and the statement of claims which the Philippines furnished the Chinese delegation in Manila to arbitrate the legality of the Chinese nine-dash lines under the compulsory and mandatory […]

Inside the Ring: Blunt warning on China

By Bill Gertz, The Washington Times @ A senior Navy intelligence official issued a blunt warning last week that China’s growing “hegemonistic” threat to security is destabilizing the Asia-Pacific region. “Make no mistake, the [Chinese] navy is focused on war at sea and about sinking an opposing fleet,” said Capt. James Fanell, deputy chief […]