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Aggression in South China Sea will see new anti-China coalition – Golez

MANILA, Philippines — A former national security adviser predicted that China’s increasing aggression in the South China Sea will spur the creation of a coalition of countries, including the United States, to thwart the Asian giant’s military dominance in the vital sea lanes. “In view of its aggressive stance, China has triggered (the formation of) […]

China’s foreign minister says at symposium the US has successively angered and suppressed China

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi speaks at a news conference after restoring diplomatic ties with Kiribati on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, U.S. September 27, 2019. Senior Chinese diplomat Wang Yi said on Friday that the United States had seriously damaged the hard-won mutual trust between the countries by […]

US, China step back from brink in South China Sea

Top US and Chinese generals have recently doubled down on military-to-military diplomacy after months of rising tensions, as the two sides bid to head off conflict in the hotly contested South China Sea. In recent weeks, the two superpowers have teetered on the brink of confrontation, including over an incident in which China reportedly intercepted […]

China Is Blowing Its Chance in the Asia-Pacific

Beijing needs a better strategy to ease the United States out. Many observers believe China is building up its military, especially its navy, to break through the first and second island chains and push the United States out of the Asia-Pacific. China’s military expansion in the region is thus seen as a major threat against […]

Can old ideas in a new package deter China?

  WASHINGTON – Through nearly three years in office, the Trump administration has made a lot of noise about competing with China geopolitically but has often struggled to lay out, coherently, what America seeks to achieve. So it is encouraging that the State Department is beginning to articulate a sharper idea of what the United […]

The Americans Are Coming? Washington’s China Pushback and Its Uncertainties

  The U.S. has been moving toward a “whole-of-government” approach to counter China for years, but the ultimate impact remains uncertain. In 2011, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) showed a two-episode series on China’s rise, which was titled “The Chinese Are Coming.” In this documentary, China’s economic expansion throughout the world was described in a […]

7 in 10 Filipinos concerned about China’s military might — poll

  MANILA, Philippines — Amid China’s activities in the West Philippine Sea, about seven in 10 Filipinos have expressed concern about Beijing’s growing military power, according to a Pew Research Center survey. The poll found that 71% of Filipinos said China’s growing military is a bad thing for the country while 24% of respondents said […]

China UPRISING: Taiwan vows to join Hong Kong in battle against Beijing

  TAIWAN has risked the wrath of China by pledging to help displaced Hong Kong democracy campaigners, with Foreign Minister Joseph Wu fearing his people face the same treatment in the future if things get uglier. Meanwhile Chiu Chui-Cheng, another senior Government official, said help would be offered where it was deemed appropriate. Wu said […]

Chinese research ships to get permits only when exploring undisputed seas

MANILA, Philippines — China has expressed its willingness to abide by international law after issuing a new policy on marine scientific research in foreign countries. Earlier this week, the Chinese Foreign Ministry (FMPRC) released a notice to Chinese groups or individuals seeking to conduct marine scientific research in other countries’ territory to get an “explicit […]