China to build 18 naval bases in Indian Ocean


Sri Lankan website Colombo Page quoted a report that China planned to build 18 naval bases in areas of the Indian Ocean including Sri Lanka, where China has built Hambantota Port as its naval base.

China also plans to build naval bases in Pakistan and Myanmar.

In Namibia, China plans to build a naval supply base at Walvis Bay. The report quotes Chinese media as saying that China hopes to build 18 to 19 overseas strategic supply bases in Djibouti, Yemen, Omen, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Seychelles, Madagascar and other parts of the Indian Ocean.

All those ports will be supply, berth and maintenance bases.

They will be built in relevant countries for the goal of “mutual benefit and through friendly consultations.”

Chinese media stress that those bases will be different from the American type of bases.

According to Sri Lanka local media Lanka eNews, on September 7-14, the Chinese navy’s Type 039 submarine Changcheng 329 and submarine rescue ship the Changxingdao visited Colombo and berthed at CICT’s dock. The dock has been built with Chinese aid of $500 million investment.


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