China intentions perplexing – Noy


MANILA, Philippines – Beijing’s intentions in the West Philippine Sea and South China Sea are perplexing, but would not distract the Philippines from its resolve to defend its territory through peaceful means, President Aquino said in an interview with The New York Times last Tuesday.

In the interview, Aquino also said he would like the international community to help uphold the rule of law in maritime disputes between China and some countries in the region, including the Philippines and Japan.

“One is perplexed at what China’s intentions are. I don’t think that there is any expert that can come up with conclusions that are beyond refute. But having said all of that, again, our concept is very, very simple. You may have the might, but that doesn’t necessarily make you right,” Aquino said.

“At the end of the day, perhaps that it’s high time that the declaration of conduct of the sea really transforms into a binding document called the code of conduct,” Aquino said.

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