China issues six-point response to US remark on South China Sea issue


BEIJING – China has rejected accusations by Ashton Carter that China’s actions in the South China Sea are “out of step” with international rules. The Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a six-point response on Saturday.

Spokeswoman Hua Chunying said China’s sovereignty and rights in the area have a historical foundation, and do not require land reclamation as justification.

Second, construction on the Nansha islands – also called the Spratly islands by some countries- are within Chinese sovereignty and does not target any country. The spokeswoman explained that China is sticking to its path of peaceful development and its defensive security policy.

Third, Chinese construction is based on international needs and fulfils the responsibility and obligation China shoulders as a big nation. Hua Chunying said the construction will better serve regional countries for their sailing, disaster relief and fishing in the area.


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