China looks to next PH govt for improved relations


The Chinese government does not see better relations with the Philippines under President Benigno Aquino III, saying it would rather wait for the next administration in 2016 amid territorial disputes in the region.

Wu Shicun

Top South China Sea expert Wu Shicun said the mainland will not abide by any decision of the United Nations International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea where Manila has lodged an arbitration case questioning China’s nine-dash line policy.

“I am optimistic about the future. Maybe after 2016, China will enjoy relations with the Philippines as before,” said Wu, president of the state think-tank National Institute for South China Sea Studies.

“To be honest, this (Aquino) administration has done little to improve our bilateral relations,” he added.

He noted that bilateral relationship between Manila and Beijing was strong in the past, with both countries even entering into a trilateral agreement with Vietnam for joint seismic explorations in disputed territories in the region.

Wu said the Philippines should consider withdrawing the case it has filed before the UN tribunal in The Hague since China will not recognize whatever judgment the court may reach.

“China will not accept any compulsory arbitration. China will not follow or implement the judgment that will be awarded by the UN tribunal,” he said.


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