China on ‘High Alert’ to Prevent Japan from Entering South China Sea Disputes


Chinese officials claim to be on “ high alert against Japan’s attempt to poke its nose in the issue of the South China Sea,” following an interview published Sunday in which Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called for the international community to “raise its voice” against Chinese encroachment.

On Sunday, in a wide-ranging interview with The Financial Times, Abe addressed the development of Chinese installations and its moves into the East China Sea.

“Japan, he says, ‘harbors very strong concern’ over China’s building of artificial islands in the South China Sea and its attempts to develop resources in the East China Sea close to Japan, [with Abe] calling for the international community to ‘raise its voice’,” wrote the paper.

After completing its program of artificial island creation earlier last year, China has made moves from those installations in the South China Sea that have made its regional neighbors anxious.
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