China Plans More Island-Building in South China Sea


State-controlled media in China recently reported that the government is trying to reach an agreement with other nations on operations in the South China Sea.

Such a deal could reduce tensions in the area. However, talks on the agreement have been going on for more than ten years, with little progress.

The official China Daily reported that Chinese diplomats and members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations reached agreement on some issues. The publication said they agreed to create a communications system for sea-based emergencies. It also reported that a temporary agreement on South China Sea operations would be written by the middle of next year. If a final agreement is reached, all the nations that sign it would have to obey international laws.

Some experts do not believe a deal will be reached. They note that China has increased its activity in the area since July. At that time, a United Nations-supported court dismissed most of China’s claims that a large part of the Sea is its territory.