China Plans To Duplicate Boracay Island In The Contested Spratly


China’s ongoing reclamation of reefs to turn into an island on 5 strategic areas in the contested Spratly Islands well within the Philippine maritime zone are not mainly focus on constructing its military bases such as airstrip and garrison but also to build a man-made like beach resort similar to the Boracay Islands beach in the Philippines. It is just like a simple as a copy paste of Boracay Beach to the Spratly.
A confidential Malacañang report detailed the land reclamation activities of China in five areas, namely Johnson South (Mabini) Reef, Cuarteron (Calderon) Reef, Hughes (Kennan) Reef, Gaven (Burgos) Reef and Eldad (Malvar) Reef.

Apparently, China was busy carrying out reclamation work in four more areas, namely Cuarteron Reef, Hughes Reef, Gaven Reef and Eldad Reef.

The same Malacañang report estimates Beijing will likely start land reclamation work at Fiery Cross Reef and Subi Reef first.

China has built a formidable garrison at Fiery Cross Reef, where some 200 troops are stationed and which contains air and surface search radars as well as satellite data transmission facilities.
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