China re-draws map; PH digs in


Amid its continuing territorial dispute with its neighbors in South East Asia, China has updated its old map by including 130 islands and islets in the South China Sea.

Sinomaps Press chief editor Xu Gencai told Xinhua News Agency on Saturday that Beijing decided to come with a new official map to inform Chinese nationals on China’s territory, safeguard China’s marine rights and interests and manifest China’s political diplomatic stance.

“The new vertical maps have marked clearly the major South China Sea islands and demonstrated their geographic relations with surrounding island countries as well as surrounding islands and islets,” Xu said.

The new vertical-format maps of China, published by Sinomaps Press, featured more than 130 islands and islets in the South China Sea, including the islands and waters that other countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei and Malaysia also claim.

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