China rejects US criticism on South China Sea


BEIJING — China rejected U.S. allegations that it is using vague territorial claims to gradually assert control in the disputed South China Sea, and in turn accused Washington of exaggerating tensions in the region.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei urged the U.S. to take a “rational and fair attitude,” and reiterated China’s position that its claims are based on history and international law. In a statement Saturday, Hong said that some U.S. officials’ remarks were not constructive, and “playing up tensions” was not conducive to maintaining peace and stability.

The United States said Wednesday that actions by China have raised concerns it is trying to assert control over an area covering roughly 80 percent of the South China Sea despite the objections of its neighbors.

The resource-rich waters are dotted with reefs and islands subject to multiple disputes involving China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan.


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