China reveals rare videos of its South China Sea territorial battle


“We’re here! The Huangyan Island! The national flag is raised!” a Chinese journalist exclaims after triumphantly hoisting China’s red flag atop a coral stone jutting out of the high seas northwest of the Philippines.

Just off Malaysia, Chinese maritime personnel execute a snappy salute in a Chinese flag-raising ceremony on a ship deck to signify Beijing’s control over the disputed James Shoal, about 80 kilometers from the nearest Malaysian coast. In a more dangerous development, a Chinese surveillance ship rams a smaller Vietnamese vessel in contested waters.

The gripping video scenes, including footage never before seen by many people, are culled from an eight-part TV documentary entitled “Journey on the South China Sea” that was aired in China by state-run network CCTV 4 from December 24 to 31 last year. With Chinese narration and English subtitles, the documentary has also been posted on CCTV’s website for worldwide viewing.


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