China Review News: In The Event Of An All-Out China-U.S. Confrontation, The U.S. Would Be At A Strategic Disadvantage, Which Could Lead To A Complete Breakdown Of The U.S. Hegemony In The World


According to a lengthy essay published in China Review News in December 2020, “in the event of an all-out confrontation between China and the United States, the United States would find itself at a great strategic disadvantage. It will be bound to pay a high economic, political, and security cost which could lead to a complete breakdown of the hegemony of the United States in the world.”

The essay states that the China-U.S. rivalry is not only “physical” but also “spiritual” (i.e. ideological), but adds that it is interests, not values, that have proven decisive in state-to-state relations: “Values are secondary to interests. The result of a full-scale confrontation between the United States and China will be a split between the United States and its allies and partners with ‘time-tested relationships based on war and shared sacrifice, shared values and interests, a split in the US-led alliance and a severely weakened US position as the world’s dominant power.”

In conclusion, the essay notes that it is not known whether an all-out China-U.S. confrontation will lead to a world war, but that it will certainly lead to chaos in the world: “Existing conflicts in East Asia, the Middle East, Africa and even Latin America are likely to intensify, various forces will be reorganized, the control of the United States over these regions will encounter severe challenges in many aspects, and the United States will face more and more serious security threats.”

It is worth noting that China Review News Agency, billed as “the first digital 24/7 media,” is backed by the Chinese government and based in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Guangzhou, and billed as It is known to be one of the Chinese media outlets used by the government to test reactions to policies that it is not yet ready to openly adopt.