China says new strategic nuclear submarine will be able to attack anywhere in America


The Russian Military Observation website published an article titled “China’s Nuclear Potential” on December 30, 2014. It says that China is upgrading and improving its strategic bombers, but the H-6K, the upgraded version of the H-6 bomber imported from Russia has a range of only 3,000km, and does not constitute nuclear deterrence against the US.

China has tried without success to import the technology of the Russian TU-22M3 bomber.

However, China is vigorously developing its strategic nuclear submarine fleet. Its first Jin-class nuclear submarine was commissioned in 2004, while its sixth such submarine was launched in March 2010.

China is developing a Type 096 Tang-class nuclear ballistic missile submarine that is armed with 24 submarine-launched ICBMs (SLBMs), with a range of 11,000 km – enough to attack anywhere in the United States.

By 2020, the Chinese navy will have at least six 094 and 096 ballistic missile nuclear submarines armed with 80 SLBMs in all. They can carry 250-300 nuclear warheads.


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