China threat: Xi is creating a perfectly formed new-age totalitarian state warns expert



Under current President, Xi Jinping, China has begun to increase its use of social surveillance but has also rolled out a new-age form of policing its citizens. Used in the north-west region of Xinjiang, the social credit system aims to collect the data of its public in order to produce a self-governed society.

Speaking to, senior researcher for Human Rights Watch, Maya Wang, has insisted that this is a new “terrifying form of totalitarianism” that is on course for the Communist Party’s goal of becoming the “perfect Orwellian state”.

Under the social credit system, civilians are encouraged to report their colleagues or neighbours for acts such as speeding or littering.

Once done so, these people are given negative points which can stop certain activities and rights.

Combined with the country’s increased use of surveillance, the state is now becoming what Ms Wang termed, a “perfect dictatorship”.

“This is just engineered to create a society that is controllable.

“It is about giving incentives to make people perform behaviour desirable to the party.”

Linked to the country’s Integrated Joint Operations Platform, which coordinates the surveillance and collection of data of the citizens of Xinjiang.

The system classifies 36 types of person who are deemed suspicious before alerting the police to any abnormal behaviour.

Due to the multi-layered system, China can effectively, as Ms Wang said: “Do without the problems of democracy.

“Engineer a life which acceptable and pre-empt any threats then there is no need for democracy.”

Already across the country, China has an annual blacklist system which is an extension of the social credit system.

The reason for this being that Mr Lui had once published an article accusing a government official of extortion.

Mr Lui was successfully sued for defamation but despite an apology also being issued in a paper, he found that he could no longer travel by plane or train.

In light of the current situation, Ms Wang admitted that she is unsure whether China will be able to successfully implement all that they wish in regards to their surveillance, she insisted that the situation is quite bleak.

She said: “With a government that has been intent on keeping a tight grip on power and that is moving towards employing this technology in an innovative manner the future for China is bleak.”

As Human Rights Watch stated that although classical forms of totalitarianism have largely died out, The Chinese Communist Party is progressing towards a goal towards a bleak and oppressive surveillance state.

As they warned that emerging from Xinjiang, a new age of “totalitarianism” is being created.