China To Build Giant, Floating Islands In The South China Sea


Despite all denials coming from the Chinese officials in recent months, China is reportedly planning to build gigantic floating islands in the disputed South China Sea. This unchecked ambition of Chinese leaders will surely tip this already heated-up Asian sub-region into what experts called “land-grabbing tussle”, a situation that might be escalated into civil wars among China and countries like the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia and Indonesia that also lay claim to some parts of these islands.

World War 3 South China Sea

China’s construction plans in the South China Sea

China’s shameless and inconsiderate acts have seen it construct military installations, port facilities, radar instruments, and airstrips on the contested Spratly Islands. According to a recent report released by Jeffrey Lin and P.W. Singer in Popular Science, China’s plans to construct  floating islands in the oil-rich South China Sea may seem quite futuristic, but it is practically possible. China hopes to use the yet-to-be-constructed islands as mobile battle stations, which can be utilized for both civilian and military purposes. These battle stations could serve as points for resupplying forces for immediate action in the area and for hosting amphibian vehicles. The largest vessel’s model suggested by Tangshan-based Jidang Development Group believed that the vessel’s length should be 900 meters, width 120 meters and around 300 meters by 90 meters for small amphibian vessels. The islands will also have a naval base as well as hangar storage and a taking-off and landing area for Chinese Air Forces.


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