China, US tensions: Next 10 months are ‘critical’ to avoid war


With the US in turmoil, the world distracted by the pandemic mixed with China’s unbridled ambition, the next 10 months will be the most dangerous since World War II, a top Australian strategic analyst warns.

“The global economy may be in hibernation, but geopolitics is thriving and sprinting towards a potential crisis,” Australian Strategic Studies Institute executive director Peter Jennings said in April.

“The core of the security problem is the Chinese Communist Party’s drive to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic strategically stronger in the Asia-Pacific than the US and its allies.”
Now he says his warning is rapidly panning out.

“Since then, Chinese military and rhetorical pressure has significantly increased against Taiwan, and we have seen the US intervene with strong language from Pompeo in effect warning Beijing off any adventurism,” Mr Jennings told this week.

China’s Communist Party Chairman-for-life Xi Jinping is done playing the world game.
Beijing’s coercive behaviour has increasingly devolved into hostage diplomacy.
International consensus has been set aside for unilateral action.

Trade has been weaponised as corporal punishment whenever anyone contradicts Beijing’s party line.

Espionage has been ramped up. Cyber attacks are commonplace. Influence operations are under full swing. Information wars are being fought out on social media.