China’s funded partylist & communist armed rebels in the Philippines – No to US power


Communist leftist funded by china’s government in the Philippines shout for panic for the comeback of US power and access to the old US Airbase in Clark.

“The US game plan is clear. Washington will scare its puppet government in Manila about the possible outbreak of war between China and the Philippines and other Spratlys claimant-countries,” militant leftist leader Salvador France said.

In a statement, he criticized Aquino for “playing the role of mascot under the US game plan.” he claimed. “The best way to resolve the Spratlys issue is to first get the US government out of the picture, engage in diplomatic discourse with China and other claimants and junk Washington’s best buy offer of its excess war gears,” France said.

Another major leftist, Renato Reyes Jr, criticized the Aquino government’s purchase of second-hand US armaments, claiming the deal was tied to quid pro quo considerations, including maintenance of the controversial US-Philippines Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA). The VFA allows US troops to hold military exercises on Philippine soil.


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