China’s new world order plot exposed: Chilling report details Beijing power grab from West


CHINA’s new world order plan envisages Beijing at the centre of the world surrounded by subordinate countries that would “have liberal democratic values and principles suppressed” claims a new report.

The October 2020 report from the National Bureau of Asian Research, conducted Nadège Rolland, warns China’s expansionism, “puts at risk not only the predominant US position in the current system but the fundamental principles underpinning the existing international order”.

Ms Rolland, who has written several reports on China and served as an analyst and senior adviser on Asian and Chinese strategic issues to the French Ministry of Defense for a decade, is a senior fellow at the Washington-based research institution. In the report written as part of the NBR’s ‘China’s Vision for a New Regional and Global Order’ project, she warns the current world system headed by democracies such as the UK and the US is under threat from Beijing’s “illiberal authoritarianism”.

The US and its allies have been urged to avoid becoming reliant on China such as with the rise of Huawei 5G infrastructure.

China is hoping to “reshape, alter, and redefine elements of the existing world system to better fit its views and interests”, according to Ms Rolland’s report.

China has rejected the Western model is said to be attempting to emulate its imperial past by surrounding itself with “weaker” nations that will become reliant on the superpower.
The report stated: “China would be the biggest, most powerful, and most technologically advanced state, with smaller, weaker, subordinated states circling in its orbit.”