China’s official party mouthpiece warns US it risks making ‘mistake after mistake’ in trade war


China’s official party mouthpiece has warned the United States not to miscalculate in their current trade dispute, saying it risks making “mistake after mistake”.

While the 8,000-character, front-page editorial in People’s Dailyindicated the country wanted to avoid an antagonistic relationship, it said that the US could not “control” China, which would be able to weather a protracted dispute.

Monday’s article was written under the byline Guo Jiping, a pen-name used for editorials signalling the party’s stance on major issues.

The comments follow Donald Trump’s decision to raise tariffs on US$200 billion of Chinese goods last week after he accused Beijing of trying to renegotiate their agreement.

The article argued the US decision to pick a fight on trade had damaged its credibility and disrupted the negotiation process, but said that their common interests were greater than their differences and emphasised the importance of trade as the basis for their relationship.