‘Chinese Aegis’ Leads A2/AD Drill in South China Sea


China has deployed its most advanced guided-missile destroyer to the disputed South China Sea to participate in a large naval exercise, according to Taiwanese media.

This week, the Want Daily and its English-language sister site, Want China Times, reported that China deployed the Kunming, the first of its new Type 052D guided-missile destroyers (DDG), to the South China Sea last month. The purpose of the deployment was to hold a military drill in the disputed wars simulating an Anti-Access/Area Denial (A2/AD) attack. The Type 052D guided missile destroyer was joined by some of two of its earlier variants, a Type 052C and a Type 052A destroyer, which also participated in the drill.

The English-language report did not specify the source for the story, nor did it detail the exact dates the exercise was held. It did say that the Kunming had left China for the drill sometime in the later part of September.

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