Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines rejects arbitral ruling on South China Sea


Zhao Jianhua, Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines says they will not accept Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) on July 2016 or Arbitral ruling on South China Sea in a statement on Sunday, August 25.

Zhao told, “We expressed that we will not accept it. We will not recognize that. That remains. Our position has not changed and we will not be changed.”

Presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo says in an interview earlier that President Rodrigo Dutertewill remain firm in fighting for the Philippines’ right of territory in the South China Sea.

“The President said that regardless of what they want to hear or not, he will raise that. He said: ‘I will raise this. Whether they like it or not I have to raise it’,” says Panelo during a phone interview with

The president will fly to Beijing on Wednesday for a bilateral meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Analysts say the trip would be one of the most crucial talks with China since Duterte’s term have begun. China and Philippines’ “friendship” has been bittersweet due to alleged China’s invasion of Philippines territory.

It was this June when a Chinese vessel “collided” and sank a fishing vessel in Recto Bank. Reports also say that more and more Chinese workers are being employed in the Philippines, especially in the Philippine Offshore Gaming Operations or POGO. There were also numerous reports of Chinese becoming victims of kidnap for ransom due to gambling debts.
Arbitral ruling on South China Sea
On July 12, 2016, the Permanent Court of Arbitration issued its ruling in favor of the Philippines with regard to China’s claim to the South China Sea. PCA ruled that China has no “historical rights” using its nine-dash line map.
The case was also known as South China Sea Arbitration wherein China refused to participate in the arbitration. It also refused to accept the decision up to now.