Chinese militia vessels start pull out near Pag-asa Island – Mon Tulfo


MANILA, Philippines — China has started to pull out its militia vessels near Pag-asa Island in the West Philippine Sea, Philippine special envoy to China Ramon Tulfo said.

“Some 100 Chinese fishing boats have been withdrawn from the waters off the Philippine-administered Pag-asa Island in the South China Sea, an emissary from the Chinese government told this columnist on June 4,” he wrote in his Manila Times column on Thursday.

Tulfo said this was China’s “initial gesture to win the trust and confidence of the Philippine government.”
“We want to send the message that we love your President,” he quoted the emissary as saying.

Tulfo said it was through this emissary that he was able to reach out to some Chinese officials for backdoor talks.
Based on his conversation with the emissary, who is in Manila for business, the remaining small fishing boats will be towed by bigger boats.

“Eventually, the Chinese emissary said, the fishing boats off Pag-asa ‘will disappear’,” Tulfo said.

Military officials contacted by have not yet responded to confirm Tulfo’s statements.

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